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Specialty Salts

Welcome to the wonderful world of Specialty Salts! We offer a wide variety of flavors, colors and textures. Whether you're finishing off a gourmet dish or simply salting your french fries, the right salt can change your eating experience.


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Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt (Coarse) 4 oz. - The traditional salt used in Hawaii to season and preserve. High in minerals and a mild taste. Mix with herbs and use as a rub; it seals in the natural moisture of meats.


Fleur de Sel Sea Salt 2 oz.


Himalayan Pink Salt (Coarse) 4 oz.


Himalayan Pink Salt (Coarse) 6 oz. - Can be used in a salt grinder.


Himalayan Pink Salt (Fine) 4 oz. - Harvested from ancient sea salt deposits deep in the Himalayan Mountains. Rub onto meats, or sprinkle on vegetables before roasting or grilling. Replace your regular table salt.


Himalayan Pink Salt (Fine) 6 oz.


Hiwa Kai Black Lava Sea Salt (Coarse) 4 oz. - Black lava salt produced in Hawaii. Activated charcoal is added to Pacific sea salt to give this salt a beautiful color. The silky black color makes this a great garnishing salt.


Pacific Blue Flake Sea Salt 3 oz. - All natural Kosher flake sea salt. Melts quickly and blends well with other dry ingredients.


Salish Alderwood Smoked Salt (Coarse) 2 oz. - Can be used in a salt grinder.


Salish Alderwood Smoked Salt (Coarse) 5 oz. - Can be used in a salt grinder.


Salish Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt (Fine) 2 oz.


Salish Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt (Fine) 5 oz. - Pacific sea salt that is cold smoked over red Alderwood. No artificial coloring or flavoring is added. Salish gives food a delicious smoke flavor both on and off the BBQ. Try on salmon, red meat & creamy


Sel Gris Sea Salt (Fine) 2 1/2 oz.


Sel Gris Sea Salt (Fine) 5 oz. - A completely natural and unrefined grey sea salt from France. High in minerals and nutrients, the French salts are known to be among the best tasting. Use for cooking and baking and as a table salt.


Yakima Smoked Sea Salt 3 oz.


Yakima Smoked Sea Salt 6 oz. - Utilizes sweet Applewood from the Yakima Valley to fuel the fires that flavor this smoked sea salt. It has a dense, slightly sweet smoke flavor. Great with pork, chicken, soups and salads.


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